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Murmuration, 2020, video, photography, and lecture erformance, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artists.
Photo by Chen Kuan-yu

Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel

The Eighth Genre: Performance & Live Art/Multimedia-Installation & Performance

Duration: 40 minuites
Artist: Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel

Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel is presented in the form of a lecture performance and showcases the artist's scientific research on the murmuration of birds. The study examines how birds manage to quickly communicate messages and form collective decisions, and extends the findings to the drifting of collective consciousness among humans, how violent consciousness is operated in society, and whether it is possible for human society to disappear collectively. This work adopts the narrative of fiction and allegorical approaches, the switching of double parallel characters, and the arrangement of sounds and images to construct the viewer's experience.


Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel (2009-present) was founded by Val Lee and Hikky Chen. They create and construct ephemeral situations. The audience enters a poetic constellation of action script, installation, sound, hypnotic rhetoric, composite structure, mise-en-scène, and space. Their current works focus on urban violence, political turmoil, body memories of unusual states, abstruse historical reenactment, diversified modes of psychological absorption and participation for the public and audiences. Through continuous collaborations with friends from visual arts, performing arts, experimental music, and activism, their interdisciplinary yet site-responsive works form dialogue and resistance in a dream.