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Under Tension, 2019, multimedia installation and performance, 200 × 150 × 10 cm. Courtesy of the artist. Venue: Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.

Under Tension, 2019, multimedia installation and performance, 220 × 180 × 25 cm. Courtesy of the artist. Venue: ” ANHYDRITE – Media Art Biennale ” Barbarossa Cave, GeoPark Kyffhäuser, Rottleben.

Under Tension, 2020, multimedia installation and performance, site-specific work, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist. Venue: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

FU Ya-Wen+CHOU Shu-Yi

The Eighth Genre: Performance & Live Art/Multimedia-Installation & Performance

Under Tension
Multimedia installation and performance, site-specific work, 25 min
2020 Version at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts by Fu Ya-Wen and Chou Shu-Yi

I have tried to construct an apparatus with which my body extends itself into the room. Using tension springs and movement I can create an interactive space. The tensioned springs show how the surface of the body extends in different lines. There is no intentionality in my movements. I also did not imagine the appearance of the specific ways the movements and mechanisms would be combined. But my body produces a continuous dialogue between the apparatus and the room.

With all my physical strength I fight against the external pressure, and my muscles are sore. The existence of the body enters into consciousness. At the moment of physical collapse, the force of the tension springs diminishes and they swing back. The body is pulled back and forth in constant motion, and through the continuous use of my strength I create the loss of my security, and I return into a real state.


FU Ya-Wen
Fu Ya-Wen was born in Taiwan in 1980. She lives and works in Taiwan and Germany, where she received her Meisterschüler’s degree in media art from the HGB Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. Her work focusses on the relationship of body and space. Fu grasps this relationship not only through the description of a subject and its surroundings, but by a differentiated conception and critical analysis of the subject in space. She examines the space in which you feel and act, the space in which the self that perceives exists and likewise where this self begins in its surroundings.Her works have been shown at Tainan Art Museum II (2019); Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (2019); HELLERAU - European Center for the Arts Dresden (2018); ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (2018); Kunsthalle Exnergasse WUK/Vienna (2017), and etc.

Chou is a choreographer and dancer. His recent creations, in the forms of theatre, site-specific performance or dance video, question the value of life and reflect the status of an individual or a group in different social contexts, and create “a body vocabulary that belongs to Asia.” Chou continues to seek new methods of creation, and potentials of cross-disciplinary collaboration using different mediums. His work Break & Break! won the Taishin Performing Arts Award in 2019.