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Countless Yesterday 4, 2020, eastern gouache and golden mud on paper, 110 × 337.5 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Love & Peace & Shit, 2002, ink and color on paper, silver foil, 180 × 80 cm. Collection of the Art Bank.

Blowing in the Rain 4, 2019, ink and color on paper, 181 × 128 cm. Courtesy of the artist

Standing in the Dusk, 2015, ink and color on paper, 110 × 110 cm. Private Collection.

The Opening Ceremony, 2016, ink and color on paper, 130 × 153 cm. Courtesy of the artist

The Bleeding Memorial Park 3, 2015, ink and color on paper, 35 × 600 cm. Courtesy of the artist

YEN Yu-Ting

The Seventh Genre: Habitat/Zoo/National Park

YEN Yu-Ting's practices mainly focus on the dialogue and re-interpretation between the cultural context of ink painting and contemporary life experiences. In her past works, she uses images and texts from news stories as the background, combining her personal experience and fictional situations and attempts to transform and re-encode the plots with the basis of traditional symbols in traditional ink painting. In which she aims to capture the collective restless and disoriented mentality in Taiwan's society, as well as the absurdity and interest that come with it.

She recently yet further investigates the context of writing and framing in ink painting and ponders the possibility to integrate ink painting with contemporary life experiences. She tries to interpret her bizarre observation on the relationship between individuals, collectives and online media through the terms of traditional ink painting.


Yen Yu-Ting was born in Taipei in 1989 and graduated from M.F.A program at Taipei National University of the Arts in 2017. Yen was selected to the Art Taipei MIT section and Ministry of Culture’s overseas Artistin-Residence program. Recent exhibitions include solo exhibition Easily Forgotten Excruciating Grief (Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei, 2017) and group exhibitions: Beitou Local Postures Collecting Project (Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, 2020), Reciprocation: The Resonance of the Mind (Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei, 2018), Very Addictive: Re extension of Aesthetics in Daily Life International Animation Exhibition (MOCA Yinchuan, Ningxia, China, 2016), and HER Gaze (Taipei Cultural Center, New York City, 2016).