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Hsin in a Daze, 2019, acrylic, varnish resin, calcium carbonate, oil paint on canvas, 31.5 × 41 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Before and After the Blank, 2019-2020, wood board, acrylic, varnish resin, epoxy resin, calcium carbonate, oil paint, canvas, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.


The Sixth Genre: Beast Mimic/Torured Beastnoid

In Chen’s work Before and After the Blank, facing the context of the blank area, the artist brings in possible imagination through disorder and finds security in the chaos of everyday life. As the artist manipulates random images in-between spontaneity and intuition, the work becomes an out-of-control character, allowing the artist to take it to the next step.

In this series of works, the artist depicts natural phenomena such as meteor showers, shooting stars, tornadoes, volcanoes, and supernatural images as UFOs. These combine with animal reactions to dramatic incidents, such as resistance, fear, confusion, and other intuitive, reflective actions. Chen also captures the animals’ response to resisting and ignoring natural disasters that he observes in the melancholy world of astronomical phenomena and natural disasters. Animals that symbolize the self stand in silence as if they are spiritless in a state of indifference. Their calmness reveals their helplessness of the futility of resistance.


Born in Taipei in 1991, lives in Sanchong. Graduated from Department of Arts and Design, National Taipei University of Education, in 2017. When studying in grad school, a work of his was rolled over and shattered by a giant wheel; despite the unexpected misfortune, he continued to exhibit the work. The experience made him reconsider the relationship between “creative work, self, and environment.” Held solo exhibition Shapes as Formality at King Car Cultural and Art Center in 2016 and won First Prize at Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award the same year. During residency in Beijing in 2017, Chen created the Dark series. In the same year, his work Mutation of Sulfur Mountain won the Excellent Work Award at Kaohsiung Awards. Participated in the Light Trail group exhibition at Whitestone Gallery Taipei in 2017. Held solo exhibition Trapped at Neptune Gallery in 2020.