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The Big Kong and the Little Beauty’s Daily Life, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 190 × 140 cm. Courtesy of the artist .

Last Judgment under the Rainbow, 2006-2007, acrylic, mixed media on canvas, 340 × 1620 cm. Collection of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

LAI Chiu-Chen

The Sixth Genre: Beast Mimic/Torured Beastnoid

I always paint what I actually see. In essence, this is an eternal subject matter in painting: imitation and representation. Perhaps depicting visible objects is the genuine and everlasting method. However, no matter what we see or what we paint, all the images are like the ever-changing reflections on bubbles, flickering and ephemeral.


Born in Jiufen in 1970. M.F.A. from Taipei National University of the Arts. Currently lives and works in Taipei.