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The Death of Light: seven times seven equals forty-nine, 2020, mosquito lamp, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

The Smell of Sunshine, 2020, UVC light, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

PENG Yi-Hsuan

The Fourth Genre: Laboratory/Operating Room/Specimen Room

What does “advanced preventive measures” mean? The terms hints of sci-fi. We have reached the year 2020, a year often envisioned in sci-fi works with cars flying between skyscrapers, AI robots governing humans, the entire political structure of Earth altered by crises, or the world ending due to catastrophe. Although the events mentioned above are yet to occur, we fantasize about an endpoint or indulge in imagining and foreseeing an ideal or imperfect world structure with humans at its center. No regret strategy is a more human-centered strategy or method, while unforeseeable threats, death, and personal phantoms that are projected onto machines, things and internet sci-fi reality, are like the sound of door knocking.

Three combined strategies
1. The Death of Light: seven times seven equals forty-nine
2. The Smell of Sunshine
3. Link


Peng Yi-Hsuan, born in 1990 in Chungli, Taiwan, graduated from the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts at Tainan University of the Arts. He has regarded painting, video art, sculpting as the tone of speculative art proposition for a long time. Thus, daily objects could directly touch upon the artistic propositions, and further decontextualize them in a dialectical fashion. With an attempt to make the history of neutral objects in Taiwan possible, and to show a new perspective, use and practice system.