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Transmission Section

The 2020 Taiwan Biennial features the curatorial strategy of empowerment as a means to promote the development of Taiwanese contemporary art. Apart from the main venue at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, many emerging alternative spaces around Taiwan are invited to host collateral events of all stripes. The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts embraces the principles of no restriction on nationality, no review, and no intervention, seeking to raise the visibility of more experimental projects by young curators and shape artistic experimentation into common practice. In view of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this biennial revolves around the “Buddhist path of reincarnation into animals,” so as to call public attention to the current plight of all sentient beings and advocate the “Ten Good Paths of Action,” foremost abstaining from “killing living creatures” and “attachment to sensory objects.” Humankind shall develop empathy with living beings. It’s not easy to leave the “Buddhist paths of reincarnation into hungry ghosts and hell denizens.” Nevertheless, we can escape from the abyss of suffering and keep the cosmos in harmony if we take the Noble Eightfold Path, curb our insatiable appetite for sensory objects, avoid the Ten Non-virtues, treat all sentient beings as equals, reconcile the Fifty-one Mental Factors, and feel empathy for all sentient beings. Treating all creatures well is the key to ensure the sustainability and long-term peace and stability of humankind. It’s also the kernel values of the 2020 Taiwan Biennial.