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The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) was founded in 1988. It was temporarily closed for rebuilding in 1999 due to widespread devastation caused by the September 21st earthquake that year, and reopened in July 2004 with a brand new look. The NTMoFA is dedicated to the education and promotion of visual arts. It places great emphasis on collecting works by Taiwanese artists and exploring unique characteristics of modern and contemporary Taiwanese arts. Its aims are: to organize the most diverse range of themed visual art exhibitions, to foster long-term art exchanges with overseas institutions, to actively participate in major international events, to promote art education, and to provide the public with a pleasing and multi-faceted environment for viewing art.

The outdoor courtyard of the Museum comprises a total area of 102,000 square meters (inclusive of the Public Outdoor Sculpture Park), making the NTMoFA one of the largest art museum in Asia. The NTMoFA main building has three floors and a basement, with a total land area of 37,953 square meters covering an exhibition space of 15,601 square meters. The exhibition area consists of Galleries, the Gallery Street, E-Transit and Digital Arts Creativity and Resource Center. The first and second floors are devoted to themed exhibitions, the third floor holds a permanent exhibition of the Museum's collection, and the outdoor courtyard is showcases exquisite sculptural works.

The newly-renovated museum building provides an open and friendly educational environment. The newly added Picture Book Area, the Family Room, the Media Art Center, the Teacher's Resource Center and other educational and recreational areas cover a total of 5,319 square meters. During the twenty years since its establishment, the NTMoFA has held close to 900 exhibitions and thousands of related events.

Official Website: https://www.ntmofa.gov.tw/