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Henan 8

About the space

Located in the cultural district of downtown Kaohsiung, Henan8 is a two-and-one-half-story old townhouse surrounded by lanes, alleys and locals. Starting with the imagination of co-working studio and alternative space, encountering in academic, seven like-minded friends gathered round to build up a secret base in order to fulfill their own dwelling as well as to meet the demand of making exhibitions and hosting lectures or panel discussions for the others. Although members are highly homogenous, we enjoy diversity. We hold a neutral and open attitude, allowing many possibilities to occur in Henan8, trying to create these multi-colored daily life with neighborhood and those memories which have been interwoven by interactions and traces.

Named for the address, Henan8 indicates the term “placemaking” in geographical context. The dark gray painting inside the house represents the concept “space as a container which commit local community to imminent inclusion without any specific definition.” At the end of 2018, the first opening event we held was a party called “Would you like to talk about art at my place?” As a party, it announced the upcoming jouissance which would be set up on the basis of sharing and openness. Till the beginning of 2019, alternative exhibition space began to operate. Besides the exhibitions curated by the members, it also offered to various types of artists and cultural for application. During the past two years, there have been more than one dozen of different exhibitions and events.

To respond to abruptly coming request, the project “One Night in Kaohsiung” is nurtured. Inspired by Karatani Kojin’s concept of Mode D, we offer a simple but cozy room for those who shortly visiting in Kaohsiung for exhibitions or cultural activities. Instead of the boring monetary system, we encourage people who organize a sharing talks, a workshop, or even a performance in return. It’s not only an attempt to break the domination of contemporary capitalism society but also an engagement to build up an open exchange network through the above efforts in our harbor city, Kaohsiung.

About the exhibition

Technological Metamorphosis
The tragedy of Metamorphosis begins with the transformation of the protagonist, Gregor, into vermin. Kafka details the fact of metamorphosis and the recognition process of subjective perception by depicting the changes in experiences of body and the use of space, and gradually introduces the twisted meanings of the world and others, creating strange and horrifying dramatic tension of the industrial capitalist society.

Metamorphosis is the essential technique of art creation. Through rearrangement and reassembly, as well as different structures of same materials, artists use those media commonly found in daily life to create a certain alienation of perceptive experience and aesthetics within the contrast, reconnecting the relationship and awareness between individuals and the contemporary society. This re-shaping technique desperately points to reimagination and building of spatial production, rather than pseudo-scientific following or instrumental visualization. Poetic criticism cannot distant people from anthropocentrism, but creates new social relationship through reconstruction of vehicles.

Henan 8 continues its usual party-like tone and technical exploration, inviting young people from Kaohsiung living in northern Taiwan, and those from other places living in Kaohsiung, to put forth alternative discourses of locality through their physical experiences of moving and travelling. The gallery on 3F begins with rebuilding of social interaction, chronicling Henan 8’s past, and how it presents the contradiction of abstract space and possibilities of others through playing; the second-floor gallery focuses on the metamorphosis of physical perceptions, in order to reinterpret the changes in perceptions of reginal landscapes and social issues; the first-floor gallery reexamines through imagination of aliens and cyborgs another geographical and historical narrative of nationality and network.

Architecture is the technique of constructing the world; enjoyment is not just momentary spatial experience, but refers to a kind of agency of spatial practices that is a right of citizens. Technological Metamorphosis begins with a three-story house, and through technological reinvention, it presents different production models and social relationships through living beings. This is what Henan 8 strived for Kaohsiung over the past two years, as well as a phased experimental manifestation of artists’ exchange with the local society.

Date: 2020/10/23 – 2021/01/03 (Wednesday to Sunday: 14:00-20:00, Tuesday: Reservation Only)
Venue: Henan 8 (No. 8, Lane 170, Henan Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, 802, Taiwan)

About the curator

LAI Hsiao-Ying
Born in 1994, Lai Hsiao-ying is a native of Kaohsiung. She graduated from Department of Geography, National Taiwan Normal University, and is currently an independent curator and cultural and art co-op activist, specializing in critical theory and intercultural communication. She is especially concerned with visualization of knowledge production and the spatial issues of transitional justice. Starting in 2018, Lai has participated in the management and operation of Scutoid Coop and Co-Art Co-Op, and jointly established the alternative space, Henan 8, focusing on exhibition technology and social practices of art. She also advocates the idea of providing young art and cultural professionals systematic social protection, supports for economic autonomy, and interdisciplinary and friendly creative hotbeds, through sharing and co-making, and strives for the establishment of a mutually benefiting network of art and culture for Kaohsiung. More recently, she has planned the bilingual symposiums “Retourner à La Vie: L’engagement Artistique et Son Intensité” and “Behind the Exhibitions,” and curated exhibitions Simutopia 42 and When We Are Beyond Recognition. She was an artist-in-residence at the “Trasformatorio 2020 – 5th International Lab for Experimental and Site Specific Arts” and served as curatorial assistant of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts’ Acts Without Effort – The Societal Architecture of Hsieh Ying-Chun and project assistant of Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab’s “Intelligent Urban Fabric Taipei Conference and Workshop”.

Curatorial Team: WNAG Yu, KE Yung-Chien, CHANG Hsin-Ray

Participating Artists

WANG Young-Hsiang
LEE Ting-Ju
HE Yu-Chi
WU Po-Kuei
Rico Graupner
LIN Zhe-Zhi
SUN Chih-Hsing
CHANG Chih-Chung
CHANG Nien-Wei
CHANG Ching-Ying
TSAI Shih-Hsiang
LU Yu-Jui
HSIEH Hsin-Jung
YEN Gang

He Yu-Chi, Tengjhih, 2018, triple-channel video installation, 18 min 19sec. Courtesy of the artist.

Rico Graupner, AlgorithmZoo, 2019, performance. Courtesy of the artist.

Lin Zhe-Zhi, Possible Impossibility, 2020, two-channel video installation, 9min 30sec. Courtesy of the artist.

Sun Chih-Hsing, The Fossil Aquarium, 2020, video, 7min 30sec. Courtesy of the artist.

Sun Chih-Hsing, The Dinosaur on the Pagoda, 2020, video, 6min 30sec. Courtesy of the artist.

Chang Chih-Chung, Relocate, 2020, digital printing on printer paper, adhesive, dimensions variable (site-specific). Courtesy of the artist.

Chang Chih-Chung, Relocate, 2020, digital printing on photocopy paper, adhesive, dimensions variable (site-specific). Courtesy of the artist.。

Chang Nien-Wei & TOMIZAWA Daisuke, Position of Image, 2020, mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

Huang Chih-Li, Asian Geometry - A Form of Life, 2020, video installation, 6min 30sec. Courtesy of the artist.


Facebook: https://zh-tw.facebook.com/henan8/