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Rethinking the Ethics of Species-2020 Taiwan Biennial Forum

Date: 2020/12/5 (Sat.)

Venue: Auditorium, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Under the view of the Anthropocene, the scale of human activities has become the main factor that influences the changes of social and natural environments, and redefines history and border. In the domain of visual art, artists also examine the relationship between species, and its complicated relation with social system and ideology, which they use as media for the exploration of identity, nationality, culture, and self-identity. “Rethinking the Ethics of Species—2020 Taiwan Biennial Forum” responds to the curatorial theme of 2020 Taiwan Biennial, “Subzoology,” through issues stemmed from mankind, species, and ecology. This year’s biennial attempts to observe the survival situations of various species on Earth and discuss anthropocentrism’s impacts, dialectics, and reflections on ethics of species and sustainable environmental development, from the perspective of contemporary arts.

The forum invites curators and expert scholars to carry out interdisciplinary dialogue and debate based on their own academic researches, analyzing the issues of mankind’s animal governance and ecology under cultural rituals, military campaigns, and economic systems, exploring how artistic creation and action can reflect the different angles from which mankind view different species, and reflecting on the problematics triggered by science, society, species, beings, philosophy, and ethics of species, through contemporary arts’ narratives of species. The forum hopes to ignite people’s understanding and awareness on species and environmental issues through dialogues and discussions between scholars of different disciplines, and consider how mankind and the species can jointly face the future challenges and the possibility of coexistence.

This forum consists of four sessions, with topics of “Animal Governance and Ecological Issues under Anthropocentrism,” “Animal Narratives and Ethics of Species in Art,” “Animal Face and Human Heart/Human Face and Animal Heart – Appropriation of Animal Images,” and “The Present and Future of Mankind and Species.”

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