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Acid House

About the space

The Acid House team is composed of artists coming from various disciplines. They were formed in 2014 and officially registered as an arts and cultural group in 2018. Their primary goal is to produce experimental live performances, video art, and sound art works, as well as to publish related studies and host research activities. At the same time, they also seek to connect with contemporary artists and scholars to make their voice heard through curation. They hope to establish a platform for diverse art and cultural communities.

About the exhibition

Biàn-Tài Routes
Since 2013, Acid House has been a compound space of rental housing, personal studio, and creative exhibition, for young people. After planning several activities and exhibitions, art events/actions, as well as divides and communications regarding the shaping of community, “Acid House” today has become the genius loci of the “Acid Citizens” (partners of Acid House). Also, with the participation of different creators, Acid House has taken on various fluid states and practices. Exactly why has this place become the gathering place of young artists and creative minds? How is it different compared to other alternative spaces? What are its possibilities as young people’s autonomous laboratory of art in this generation?

Biàn-Tài Routes is one of the collateral events of this year’s Taiwan Biennial. Based on the theme of Acid House’s genius loci, we have derived horizontally the aesthetic view of “Biàn-Tài,” which not only refers to unconventional and strange behaviors, or mental/material fetishes, but also the transformation of animals or plants through the growing process, as well as ancient people’s pursuit of changing events and objects. Here, “Biàn-Tài” is on one hand the multiple desires and practical method of collective creation, and, on the other, an alternative horizon corresponding to the theme of this year’s biennial—“Subzoology.” Vertically, we have focused on “routes” for temporal consideration, emphasizing the dynamic perspectives of Acid House’s exhibition, including behavioral performances such as activities and events, action art, and live art, as well as the interwoven transformative influences these creative demeanors continue to generate within the space of Acid House. Thus, through both horizontal and vertical curatorial imaginations, Biàn-Tài Routes is established on the foundation of the collective participation of artists, Acid Citizens, and audiences; through a series of creative routes and experimental actions, we attempt to explore more possibilities of creative transformation within the standardized exhibitions today.

Date: 2020/10/22 – 2020/11/22 (Thursday to Sunday 14:00-20:00)
Venue: Acid House (No. 10, Alley 4, Lane 52, Section 2, Yonghe Road, Yonghe District, New Taipei City, 234, Taiwan)

About the curator

Kuan-Ying Chen
Kuan-Ying Chen was born in Keelung, Taiwan, in 1989. After graduated from graduate school of department of fine arts, National Kaohsiung Normal University, now Kuan-Ying is a Taiwanese young artist. Focusing on social culture and public issues, Kuan-Ying is obsessed with several problems: the relationship between art and political power of environment, the interaction of fine art and the public, and how the art turn on new dialogue, either inside or outside the system. Starting with the interaction between people and the environment, Kuan-Yin now put more efforts on society and the attendance of public. Through diving into the very bottom of the society, he discovered the possibility and ruminant of creativity, where people input publicity and dialogue.

Participating Artists

LEE Ming-Ju
WU Chun-Hui
CHANG Chen-Shen
CHEN Shiao-Chi
CHEN Jun-Yu X Taiwan Performance Art Lab

Lee Min-Ju, HOMEWORK, 2020, performance art, dimensions variable. Courtesy of Acid House.

Wu Chun-Hui, Behind The Scene, 2020, two-channel video installation, 15min. Courtesy of the artist.

Wu Chun-Hui, Behind The Scene, 2020, two-channel video installation, 15min. Courtesy of the artist.

Chang Chen-Shen, Corps Project Original Desire, 2020, single-channel video, 10min. Courtesy of the artist.

Chang Chen-Shen, Corps Project Original Desire, 2020, single-channel video, 10min. Courtesy of the artist.

Chen Shiao-chi, My Room, ready-mades, documents, performance, dimensions variable. Courtesy of Acid House.

Chen Jun-Yu × Taiwan Performance Art Lab, SPOT, 2020, video of performance, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.


Opening Ceremony Date: 2020/10/24 15:00
Public Program for Biàn-Tài: every Saturday and Sunday during the exhibition. Please follow us on the Acid House’s website and Facebook to get the latest information.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AcidHouseDingxi/
Official Website: https://acidhousetw.com/